Fibreglass Pools in Kit Form

We live in sunny South Africa where we are privileged to enjoy pleasant weather for most of the year.  This means that we are able to enjoy the sunshine and the outdoors.
Just imagine having a pool party, fun with the kids or some precious personal time at your own pool in the comfort of your own home. Why not invest in one of our fibreglass pools in kitform?

The DIY kitform includes:

  • Plumbing kit
  • Filtration system
  • Hand-over kit
  • Cleaning kit
  • The weir, light and aimflows are also included and are already plumbed on the shell

High quality material purchased from reputable suppliers thus supplying superior quality products at competitive products.

Why buy a fibreglass pool?

  1. Quick as a splash/ installed and paving in 2 days
  2. Easy maintenance / easy to clean due to smooth polished finish
  3. No sharp edges - safer -longer kreepy life
  4. Flexible -High tensile strength of fibreglass , accommodates most earth movements
  5. Warmer water – fibreglass insulates better
  6. Less chemical usage due to smooth finish that is non porous
  7. Economical to install

Why buy a fibreglass pool from us?

  1. Our kit forms complete with products from internationally recognised suppliers, these are Pentair, Kreepy Krauly, Astral, Quality and Bioguard
  2. Availability of upgrades such as the VSD pump which could save you up to 90% on energy consumption
  3. Each pool gets two Quality Control forms, one signded during dispatch and the other by the client for future reference, R&D and product failure prevention
  4. We have such confidence in our product to even supply markets like England,Israel and African Countries, knowing that our products will stand the test of time and international standards

Our extensive quality control record is supported by:

  • Over 20 years of manufacturing experience
  • 56 Agents nationwide
  • More than 20 000 fibreglass pools manufactured

Harvey Composites

Harveys Composites are proud to be partnered with Poolmate in the production of their top quality pools and spas that they have been producing for over 20 years.

Harveys are suppliers of top quality Fibreglass products for more than 30 years that ensure their customers are able to produce world class products at commercially competitive prices. Our range of products are sourced from top suppliers from around the world, including our international sister company Arkema Resins South Africa.

Resins are produced to international standards as well as meeting all local requirements. They have a SABS approved laboratory to ensure only the best quality products.

The resins supplied carry all the required marks including SABS resin specifications, Lloyds and ISO 9001 quality management. We offer technical back up as well as customer support where required.

Fibreglass Pools in Kit Form
Fibreglass Pools in Kit Form
Fibreglass Pools in Kit Form
Fibreglass Pools in Kit Form
Fibreglass Pools in Kit Form
2.95m X 2.00m
3.34m X 1.99m
3.35m X 2.80m
1.00m - 1.37m
3.00m X 4.00m
Van Gogh
1.05m - 1.45m
4.97m X 3.00m
1.00m - 1.60m
6.00m X 3.00m
Da Vinci
1.00m - 1.55m
7.00m X 3.50m
1.00m - 1.57m
8.00m X 3.90m
Michael Angelo
1.01m - 1.63m
8.01m X 3.80m