About Us

Whether Poolmate is measured by quality, cordiality or level of service, we stand head and shoulders above the rest.  We are a wholesale supplier to the pool and spa industry.

Our Commitment

Poolmate wants customers to receive a return on their swimming pool investments.  We only supply to reputable services providers in the swimming pool and spa industry and we put our own products and services to the test. We strive to supply quality products at competitive pricing with market leading after sales service.
About us
Why Us?

  • We have extensive practical and industry expertise and experience
  • We welcome challenges and we grasp new opportunities
  • We believe in positive and respectable relationships
  • We do business responsibly based on trust and honesty
  • Our customers are at the centre of everything we do
  • Our employees excel at all levels

Our People
At Poolmate we know that any business is just as good as its employees.  Our continued success depends on happy, committed and competent staff members.  Our management team and branch managers lead by example with a sound work ethic. 
We support continuous learning and skills development.  Our staff members undergo regular training such as the Bio-guard courses.   We all have a common goal of building and maintaining our company’s legacy of being an authority in the swimming pool industry. We continuously look for improved products. Our staff is well acquainted with all the sectors of the pool and spa industry.

Guarantees and After Sale Service
Our guarantees and after sale service are testimony to our commitment to reliable products and services.  All Poolmate’s products are obtained from approved market leading suppliers and have sound warranties.
Our service departments have highly trained staff and are more than capable of assisting and advising on any products, services and situations in the pool or spa industry.